Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cuppies: Made With LOVE....

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Mummy intend to bake me cupcakes
for my 2nd birthday coming up in November....
You might ask.... So what is the BIG DEAL?!?
The BIG DEAL is.....
Mummy has NEVER, EVER, baked anything on her own!!
(let's not even talk about frosting on cupcakes!!)
The last time she did any baking was under careful supervision
from the home economic teacher in secondary school....
It's a BIG Brave step for mummy to take on!!
And..... SHE MADE IT!!
(Think the frosting part need some improvement....)
On the overall, the experience was pleasant....
Daddy complimented that the cupcakes tasted nice, and they really look PRO!!
Mummy, You have 2 more months to make it look even more PRO!!


daphne said...

yay!! U DID IT!! I havent even bought the frosting tips yet! So what size of frosting tip u used in the end?

It looks amazing!!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Daphne: 1M is the frosting tip i used. there is this good webbie to look at for cupcakes.... or
good luck!!

elaine said...

not bad wat, see u can made it. me see already also wanna take a bite. yum yum.