Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday to Hiroshi!!

Happy Birthday my dear Son,

7 years.....
wow, sometimes I cannot believe that
it has been that long since I delivered you.
I can still remember the very first time I cradled you in my arms.
You were so delicate.
Our first born.
You've brought us so much joy!
And as true to the meaning of your name....
you generously brought us laughter as well.

I hope in 20 years if you get to read this post,
you'll understand why I am being such a tough parent.

I had you when I was 25.
Being a young mum,
many people held doubts about my abilities to care for you.
I didn't know where I had the strength,
but, in my heart,
I said "WATCH ME!"

I didn't need you to be the brightest.
My prayers to God were simple.....
I just wanted you to be well mannered, filial, and compassionate.
(and of course, being the brightest would be an additional bonus!)

I apologize if we've over parented you.
But, you have to understand that every little decisions we make.....
we do have your best interest at heart.

And even through all the reprehension and punishments, 
you Must know that we LOVED you a hell lot!

Happy 7th Birthday!

Started the morning with your absolute favorite
Hotcakes Breakfast 
@ MacDonald's

Next stop:
An adventurous birthday celebration at the newly opened

Interesting Machine 
that suck balls up into a reserve storage 
and periodically unloads.

Waiting in anticipation for reserve storage to unload.

Simple Joy

Never too Old to Jump into a Ball Pit!

The thrill of flying on a slide.

Some Electronic Games

I was disappointed.
Comparative to Jurong Safra Kidz Amaze,
this one seems to pale in comparison.
This one is way smaller!
With rowdy big kids teens running around playing catch,
I wasn't sure if I would want to bring the kids back again for another visit!

But however,
the kids loved it!
I reckon a great place to expand their energy during our monsoon season.

I heard that there will eventually be a 
Infant & Toddler Play Zone 
designed by early childhood experts.
Available on 1st December 2012
James: Arrgh!

You choose to have Japanese Food for Lunch.
I wonder where did your expensive taste buds come from!!

Restaurant Hoshigaoka @ Tao Payoh Safra

Beautiful Ambience

Totally wowed by the pictures of kiddy meals, 
 you wanted one for yourself!!

2 happy kids with their kiddy meals.

Nom, Nom, Nom
Japanese food makes me happy too!
Salmon Chiraishi

Last Stop:
Secret Recipes @ Plaza Singapura

What's a birthday without cake?!?!?

Yummy Cakes

The Satisfied Birthday Boy!

Birthday Present from Aunty Ivy

Super Duper Cool Nike Cap!

Happy Birthday Darling.
May your life be blessed with good health, great wealth and abundance laughter.


Joce said...

Happy Birthday, Hiroshi!

My son will be 7 next Mar and it really does feel like time flies by so quickly!

Ai Sakura said...

happy birthday Hiroshi-kun! :)

Ai @ Sakura Haruka