Thursday, November 22, 2012

Sponsored: The Most Important Education in Life is Financial Literacy

Having only learnt about financial literacy at the age of 30,
I can't stress enough about learning to manage money & investing.

So when I heard about RichMinds Academy Program, 
I was thrilled.
Financial Literacy for Little Kids.
How Amazing!

This is definitely one thing that is lacking from our educational system. 
We were mostly taught to study hard, score well, and settle for a good paying job.
But, no one has ever divulge the secrets of money management/investment!!

Lesson was held at
(Kids Arts & Academics Mentorship Program)
Rochester Mall Branch

Off to a very Good Start.
Sophia is all excited about decorating her personal RichMinds Academy folder.

The 5 attributes to Financial Freedom
Kiddie Style
(Spend, Save, Earn, Share, Build)

Kids were taught about money & different currencies.
Sophia doing some serious coin shading.

Hiroshi simply prefers notes

They even made their very own wallets.

A trip to a atas Supermarket
Rochester Market

Learning about "Needs" and "Want"

And even understood what it meant by 
"More Value for Money"

Simulated Market Place for Lunch Time.
This is Sophia thinking really, really hard 
about what to spend her money on.

Learning to Save by Making Piggy Banks

Sophia in absolute shock about the amount of money needed to buy an Ipad!

Learning to Earn their Keep
Hiroshi & Sophia Pretended to be Hawker Sellers

Now off to some baking fun!

Filling your little tummies before learning to bake.
Rainbow Bread; Compliments from the Chef

Taking pictures for 
live updates.

Hiroshi rolling out the dough.

Sophia cutting out her Gingerbread Man

Run, Run 
as fast as you can,
You can't catch me,
I'm the Gingerbread Man!

Let's start pipping!

The Contented Smile

After all the baking frenzy,
kids were taught to share their bakes.

Both kids had a jolly good time
 and asked if we'll be coming back again for another class.

New friendships were forged

Special Thanks to Richminds Academy 
and all those hardworking mentors 
for making learning about financial literacy a joy!

I would highly recommend this program to other parents out there 
who are interested to teach their kids about the value for money 
in a fun and engaging way.

RichMinds Kids Camp (5-7 years old)
RichMinds Junior Camp (8-10 years old)
Cost: $188

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Willyn said...

My first time to hear about financial literacy for kids..sad truth, we don't have one here in my hometown.. wish we could have it one day coz it's pretty much helpful for our kids though..