Friday, November 02, 2012

Men should never ever comment about labor pains.....

Had to share table with a pair of young couple
since Breadtalk was fully packed....
(parked the pram with Franklin sleeping
by the side of the table while I buy food.)
Young Lady: How old is the baby?
Me: 2 months
Young Lady: Very Cute hor!
Me: Thank you!
Young Man: Ask her if Boy or Girl?!?!? (In mandarin)
Young girl asked.
I replied, "Boy"
Young Man: Boy is Good!!!!!
Me: Doesn't matter..... As long as baby is healthy is good enough!
Young Girl tells Young Man: Later the doctor scan you go tell him you want boy lah!
Young Girl to Me: Is it natural birth?
Me: No, Cesarean....
Young Girl: Natural birth sounds really scary and painful....
Young Man: (Sarcastic Snigger to me) Natural Birth is not painful one lah!
(at this point I really feel like SLAPPING Mr Young Man)
Me: (Under my Breath) Don't worry, got happydural epidural!

To Mr Young Man aka Ah Beng;
I pray for PAIN to befall on you.
far worst than child birth.
(though it is technically not possible.)

To Miss Young Girl aka Ah Lian;
Good Luck!


Winston Tay said...

Don't mean to be crude, but I disagree.

A series of well-placed kicks, repeated over a comparable period of time as a woman going into labour, in between the legs of a male specimen such as Mr Young Man will make a good simulated experience.

I will gladly volunteer as administrator for you, Madam. I was witness to my wife's own labour, so I can understand how you feel about this poor representative of a father-to-be.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

Winston Tay: :) Only those who did witness their wife birthing are allowed to comment.... *grin*

Your course of treatment for Mr Young Man sounds very viable for him to understand the pain....

Ai Sakura said...

I had a c-section too so I can't really comment on the pain level, but everybody knows the force is so tremendous it can even split/dislocate bones.

"Not painful one!!"... what the??!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

Elizabeth said...

I delivered my three babies naturally, with epidural, of course. The last baby this Feb, I tried to do it without. Couldn't last more than two hours. I wished I was there to give mr Beng a good kick in his you-know-where!