Saturday, November 03, 2012

Horizon Primary School Parents-Connect Casual BBQ Gathering.....

We did pray for good weather.
But, It rained.
It rained the whole of today!!!

Well, by right it should be a mood damper.
But, on the contrary,
we had bucket loads of good fun!!!

Our gathering was moved to the nearby multi purpose hall.
And since it rained the whole of today.....
The weather was exceptionally cooling!

1 hour prior to the gathering,
Frantic whatsapp messages were making it's round.
In the moment of despair,
we manage to get 2 portable BBQ pits,
Tables, Chairs & even Picnic Mats.....

the fun MUST go on.....

Bbq Hdb Style
 Proactive Horizon fathers
taking charge to get bbq food ready for everyone!
Many Many Thanks!!!

While the mothers do what they do best. 
Chat, Look Pretty and Network 
*big fat evil grin*

For once, 
no kids were seen holding hand held games.
Everyone behaved like kampung kids.
Running wild and having Fun!!

All these wouldn't have been possible if we didn't synergize.
Good job Horizon Parents, 
we are leading by example!

Horizon Mothers

Horizon Fathers
Strangely, it was much easier to gather the kids for a photo 
than we first thought it would be.
Thumbs Up for well behaved kids!

We are already looking forward to the next Parents-Connect event.
But for now,
I will carry my contented belly home and slip into lalaland.
Good Night Folks!

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Pamela Tan said...

Wow! This is such a cool gathering!!! hahaha I'd bear this in mind and organise something like that next time for my kid's schoolmates' families too!