Monday, January 21, 2013

Rise & Shine.... It's Breakfast Time!!!

We are excited to announce that
we are Ambassadors
for Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine
is a community initiative started by a group of mothers
and Nanyang Technological University students.

The mission of this initiative
is to provide parents and educators
an opportunity to learn,
share and identify holistic approaches
in raising healthier and happier children.

The Shocking Truth
1 in 3 kids in Singapore skip breakfast at least once week.
And 46% said that there wasn't enough time to eat.
As a child grow older,
he/she is even more likely to skip breakfast.

"Eat breakfast like a king,
lunch like a prince,
and dinner like a pauper."

Why is breakfast so Important?
 According to research,
Children who skips breakfast;
- Tends to be listless and loses concentration in class.
- Are more likely to be moody and temperamental.
- Are at a higher risk of weight problems in later years.

Want to learn more?
Remember to catch the
Rise & Shine Breakfast Campaign.
Learn through Exhibitions, 
Story Telling Sessions, 
Cooking Demos,
and even an engaging breakfast song

Check out 
for great tips and latest updates.

Being a busy mum of 3, 
time is a scarce commodity,
This is my time saving breakfast tip;
Make "on the go" breakfast 
over the weekends 
that will tie you through the entire week.

 Join Sophia as she bake up a storm of healthy Granola Bars for Breakfast.
(Recipe is in the Video Below)
Easy Peasy Tasty Homemade Granola Bars

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