Wednesday, February 20, 2013

$AHM: The True Worth Of SAHMs

 The importance of child-mother or child-stable adult figure relationship has been well documented in attachment literature and research around the world. The physical and emotional availability of the mother enables the child to develop a secure sense of the world. We now know that secure babies and children explore their surroundings more, resulting in creating meaningful explanation of the world around him/her. More current research also shows that a small behaviour such as regular eye contact allows synapses in the brain to form, creating pathways in the brain for normal development of the children. This highlights the importance of adults, especially mothers in crucial developmental years of infants. 

Secure children would be less fearful of their surroundings, and more likely to learn how to regulate their emotions. As they grow older, they are less likely to develop behavioural or mental health problems. Secure children are also more likely to have quality relationships later on in life. After all, children learn how to form and sustain relationships base on what they see, hear and experience. They are also more likely to learn better at school.
by Dr. Daphne Su
Clinical Psychologist

Unfortunately, there are some things that cannot be measured.
Stay At Home Moms are not Economical Liabilities.
Our contributions are just Intangible.
Not measurable by mere numbers such as the GDP.

We, the Stay At Home Mom of Singapore,
Works Harder than the Maria next door!
Tending to details on the home front 
so as to motivate our husbands 
to be fully committed to his profession.
Regardless of weekday, weekend or public holidays 
pledge ourselves to educate our kids to our best abilities.
Heh-shio, Heh-Shio 
to Achieve Better Fertility Rates
And Progress for our Nation.

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Adeline Oon said...

Wah we have our own pledge!!! Sawlid!

Sarah - the $AHM said...

Wah! I also agree. this SAHM pledge is powerful!

Achieve Better Fertility Rates and Progress for our nation!

Win liao lorh.... but I too chicken to take this pledge... Already 2 and I'm working very hard. Hehe. Maybe I shall get enough courage soon to have another. Hubby (and not to mention G will be v happy).

But in the meantime, I am just happy to be a SAHM! What a privilege we have, eh?

Thanks again for linking up!

loveourchildrennow said...

hey, i like the picture - you did it up yourself? may i share it on my fb? it's cute and so true :)