Friday, February 15, 2013

The significance of saying 恭喜发财.....

For the 10294584th time,
Happy New Year is just not the same as GONG XI FA CAI!
The term "Happy New Year" is used
when celebrating the first day in the first month of the calendar year.
Whereas, "GONG XI FA CAI" is an auspicious greeting you use
in celebration of Chinese New Year
which falls on the first day in the first month of the lunar calendar!

4 simple characters, but yet, a wealth of meaning behind it.
It means Congratulations and best wishes for a prosperous New Year!

We would love to preserve Chinese traditions, 
especially this one.....
So we would really appreciate if you would reciprocate
when we wholeheartedly greet you 
in our next Chinese New Year visitation.

This year was a little extra special.
We had my mother in law who came from JB 
to celebrate this festive season with us.

Family Portrait before we head out

James was still having bronchitis, 
so he needs to be on the Nebulizer every 4 hourly.
Happy Gas!

Another Family Portrait before we head out

It was suppose to be all Cousins Photoshoot.
Apparently, some aunties 不认老 also want to join our generation!

Next Generation of Cousins

Having a baby is the best way to warm people up.

Kids were all looking forward to the lion dance all morning!

Our Family portrait with the cheeky entertaining lion.

Even James got acquainted with Mr Lion!

We ended up at Dian Xiao Er @ Changi Airport T3
because Kitson had to report for work that evening.

Fa Cai Yu Sheng

Dang Gui Duck

Ee Mee
Longevity Noodles

Mixed Vegetables that has a wonderful nice sounding name
that I cannot remember!!

Wheatgrass Tofu

We were pleasantly surprised
at the unbelievably great service we received that night!
Very well trained staffs! 
*thumbs up*
Will patronize over and over again.
And while Kitson reports for flight
Grandma shares some lighthearted moments with Grandson.

And finally,
Sophia wishes one and all
A Prosperous 2013!

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