Saturday, February 16, 2013

大年初七 | Chinese New Year Celebration by EcoKidd Childcare (Punggol 24th Ave)

Sophia surprised us by hosting part of the program in Mandarin.

Happy kids with their candy loots from the lion dance  

 The Yearly Yu Sheng Affair
Officially the license to mess up the table and yet not get scolding thereafter.

Our Family Photo

Keeping Traditions Alive
Offering tea to the elders and saying auspicious new year greetings, 
before receiving ang bao!

This is Sophia's last year in EcoKidd before moving on to Primary one next year.
I honestly can't wait for that to happen any time sooner.

 We understand that the turnover rates for childcare centers are high.
The measly low pay plus long working hours.
We've seen too many great teachers leaving.
But, what have the management done to retain good, talented teachers?

School fees has been increasing every year.
I wonder how much of it 
(or perhaps I should rephrase, if ANY OF IT) 
has gone as incentives for good teachers?
As far as I know,
Some of the dedicated teacher has not seen a pay increment for the past 5 years.
Is it a purely profit driven business
so that the owners could change into 
a bigger, better cars and lavish bungalows?
Business models of Childcare Centers that served
only the best interest of its shareholders
will not last long
if they failed to retain their best teacher.

I've always supported Ecokidd all these while
even though I've seen good teachers leaving through the years.
But things took a turn for the worse with the new center supervisor
who is not friendly, autocratic, patronizing &
to what I can see - a control freak as well
I really hate to call the center & have her answering my call.
Her telephone etiquette
is best described as crude.

Most parents make the choice of childcare centers
by looking at the environment, the curriculum, and teachers.
 But however, 
without good teachers, 
environment and curriculum doesn't mean much either.

Dear Management of EcoKidd,
 You are making a grave mistake
by not listening to your teachers, parents or the kids.

I implore the management of Ecokidd
to look into the issues raised
as Ecokidd reputation is at stake
& that's definitely

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