Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Sponsored Product Review: Word Winder

Word Winder;
The game of winding words.

Hiroshi is excited!!

16 double sided word boards 
with 3 set of word winder chips
does spell a trillion possible combination of fun 
in one single board game!

The mechanics of the games were really simple.
Shuffle the word cards and arrange them into a 4 by 4 grid.
Lay a continuous line of winding words with your colored chips.
Outrace your opponent.
Play offensive by extending your own line,
Play defensive by blocking your opponents' line.
The FIRST to get from side to side or top to bottom wins the game!

It does looks like some really exciting board game.
Afterall,we aren't expecting anything less from David L. Hoyt;
the world's most syndicated daily puzzle and word game creator.

In order to properly review this board game,
I've sent Word Winder to the most stringent reviewers in town.

Hiroshi with his favorite colored word winder chip.
He likes RED because Ferrari is RED too!!

After 30mins of intensive face-off,
the blue team did emerge as winners!

The Victorious Blue Team!

 Our Verdict:
On the overall,
we love this game.
The game was simple enough for a family to enjoy together.
But yet,
induces a child's hunger for learning new words.

My one and only grouse would be
I hope the word cards could be made out of plastic instead of cardboard.
Having indentation on every letter would be a bonus!
That would solve our problem of sliding word winder chips
when someone accidentally kicks the table.

Word Winder is available at Toys R’Us and major departmental stores.
It retails for SGD$29.90.

P/S: Many thanks to our neighbor; Sneha & Saurav
in pitting our mental wits on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

This product is sponsored by Emway Singapore/ TPR. 
Views and opinions are my own.

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