Friday, February 19, 2010

Hiroshi's World of Reality.....

Week 4 Homework
I just lost my cool on this week's homework!
Hiroshi had problem writing the letter 'r'!
Thank God Kitson was at home to take over for awhile!
I must admit that it actually did helped to cool me down
and regain my poise!

In the end I came out with a mnemonic chant (口诀) ;
First down then up the coconut tree
and then up comes the rainbow!

Well, surprisingly, it did work!
He was writing the letter 'r' like a PRO thereafter!!!!

p/s: I do have mnemonic chants for some other alphabets too!
Do let me know if you are interested to learn them....
Why must learning to write be so tough?!?!?!?


Kannan said...

This blog is good.

LeEcHoO said...

i'm having problem to teach my son how to write.. :(
can i have ur 口诀 also?
many thks!!
my email: