Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The reason why we are still MAID-LESS.....

I have always had a problem
about the idea of having some random strangers
take care of my kids,
while I head out and build my career....

I think it is a basis of TRUST.
And I CANNOT TRUST someone else
to do such an important job.

When I see this scene in the playground,
it was a reconfirmation that my hunch was RIGHT!

These 2 maids were seen
talking on their mobile phone for eternity...
(Well, I can confirm at least for the full 30 mins
when I was there with the kids,
and even when I left!
And they do this every day!!!
from Monday to Friday!!!!!)
They do not seems to have any connection
with their surroundings
with their employer's kids!

*slap forehead*
I wonder how much they are paid
to yak their salaries away?!?!?


bb2005 said...

Irene, I share the same view as you, and that's why I did not get a maid a look after them myself.

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

bb2005: ^5