Friday, February 26, 2010

Hiroshi's World of Reality

Week 5 Homework
Instead of the usual 2 pages of homework,
Hiroshi came back with 3 pages....
*slap forehead*

But, he did great this week!
No Stress on me at all!
Keep it up my son!

The letter "i" seems to be chicken feet for him
since he writes it everyday in his name!

Told Hiroshi to imagine the letter "J" were fish hooks
and they are off to catch Big and Small fishes....

This one is Hilarious....
Told Hiroshi BIG "K" got BIG Mouth,
and Little "k" got small mouth.....
He caught it at once
and wrote like a PRO!

I am praying for the teachers to be merciful on my lil boy.....
Stay with 2 pages of homework lah!
The poor boy write until can complain hand pain, neck pain....
*shake head*
Singapore Educational System DAMN stress leh!

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