Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chinese Ritual Ceremony for 4 Month old babies.....

A cleanly shaven head for Franklin

The Marie Biscuit Necklace
A Hokkien Custom. 
Where marie biscuit were threaded with red thread 
and hung around the baby's neck.

It is believed that by doing so it will help keep drooling at bay.
Franklin was already drooling like the Niagara Falls,
so I thought, 
if this would ever work, 
it would save us from a load full of bib washing!
We had to wipe the marie biscuit on Franklin's drool lips,
then chant in hokkien,
"wipe dry dry"
Then here comes the gross part.
We had to EAT the marie biscuit!!!

Good food awaits.....

Rubbing Spring Onions in his Gums.
Our hopes for him to grow smart and bright.

Gum-ing on the delicious roasted drumstick.
Symbolizes that his life will be filled with many good fortune.

I wonder if everyone did the same rituals for their 4 months old baby. 
Or was your any difference from ours?


Madeline Heng said...

1st time I heard of so many rituals! Haha. I can't remember ours leh.. I dont think we had any rituals at all

MamaJ said...

Haven't heard of these rituals! But the Marie biscuit one is so cute! Must let us know if it ever works, cos we have one champion drooler here! ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My mil had many more. Mushroom, mee suan, jiang yu zai, egg....