Thursday, December 06, 2012

Magical Moments @ Horizon | A Storytelling Workshop

Yet another well organized event 
by Parents Connect 
of Horizon Primary School.

Hiroshi has been looking forward to this event ever since we registered for it.
The agenda seems like a day of fun, 
filled with plenty of opportunities to keep the kids occupied.

Kids were encouraged to dress up to the theme of "Magical Moments".
And Hiroshi choose to turn up as 
Hiroshi; the Neverland Pirate.
Hey Matey!

We started off the morning with a book talk 
by local author Otto Fong.
Amazing Author that Revolutionize the Learning of Science.
Former Teacher of Raffles Institute, 
is the author of Sir Fong's Adventures in Science.
A comic series that uses cartoon to teach science.

Book Sale with Attractive Discounts!

First Story of the day 
was Presented by Aunty Irene Lim.
The Wolf who Cried Boy.
Amusing Story.
The ending of the story was also deliberately left out 
for us to brainstorm 
for our very own creative endings!

Hiroshi totally enchanted by the story tellers!

We had a Special Celebrity Guest Appearance;
Abigail Chay
I like her character when she acted as Aunty Abigail 
in Under One Roof 
many many donkey years ago! 
Where she wailed loudly on top of her cup of tea then asked 
"why my tea so salty?!?!?"

Abigail mesmerizing the kids with magic show!

Aunty Avelyn read the second story of the day.
The Boy from the Dragon Palace.
It teaches one to be contented with what they already have in life.

When the kids tried to snort like the boy from the dragon palace,
Magical things happened.....
It rained candy canes!

Aunty Tracie read our last story of the day.
Oh! What a Christmas!

Kids pretending to fly.
Helping Santa to get his sleighs flying, 
so that he is able to deliver all the presents in time.

Time to get crafty.
In the process of making our very own
Magical Snow Globe.

Beautiful DIY Snow Globes
What did you wished for this Christmas?

We sang Silly Christmas Songs;
The Reindeer Pokey.

The event ended in a perfect note 
with Mrs Ang the Principal 
giving away Christmas goodies to everyone!

We truly enjoyed ourselves.
And we are already looking forward to the next Parent Connect event!

This is what a little imagination could get you.
The possibilities are endless.
My $2 Diaso Reindeer Hairband 
& Awesome Makeup Skills 
made me 
Irene the red nose DIVA reindeer!

Wishing "deer" readers
Merry Christmas in advance!


Virginia Goh said...

Hi Irene, love your reindeer make up :) Wishing you and your family an advance Merry Christmas!

daphne said...

awww. GORGEOUS! Hiroshi looks so handsome in his pirate suit.