Wednesday, February 13, 2008

大年初七 - 人日 (Seventh Day of Chinese New Year)

Today is the day where it is the common man's birthday,
the day when everyone grows one year older.

The day where we get to toss colourful salad high up in the air....
chant auspicious wishes LOUDLY
for continued wealth and prosperity.


HUAT- er

HUAT- est!!


Another reason to get my tummy filled to the brim....
We had dinner at XO duck, Johor Baru; WongHou
with mama, sam gu ma, sam ku jiong,
Racheal jie jie and Christine jie jie.

發財 鱼 生
There is profound knowledge in eating this dish....
coz, every single ingredient you add to the salad
means something....

Step 1 - When dish is placed on the table.
Say "Gong Xi Fa Cai", "Wan Shi Ru Yi"
(Congratulation and may you be propersous)

Step 2 - While squeezing the lemon over the fish.
Say "Da Ji Da Li"
(Wishing you Good luck and blessings)

Step 3 - Place the fish over the shredded carrots and radish.
Say "Nian Nian You Yu"
(Wish you abundance in wealth every year)

Step 4 - While sprinkling Pepper over the dish.
Say "Hong Yun Dang Tou"
(May you have good luck at your doorstep)

Step 5 - While sprinkling Cinnamon Powder.
Say "Qing Chun Chang Zu"
(May you be young forever)

Step 6 - While pouring the Peanut Oil.
Say "Rong Hua Fu Gui"
(May you enjoy prosperity)

Step 7 - While pouring Plum Sauce.
Say "Tian Tian Mi Mi"
(May sweetness enters your life)

Step 8 - While pouring the crackers.
Say "Man Di Huang Jin"
(May gold falls at our feet)

Final Step - While tossing the Yu Sheng.
Say "Yue Lao Yue Qi, Lao Dao Feng Shen Shui Qi"
(Toss higher and higher till the wind and the oceans
rise up for a good year ahead)

Roasted Goose & Char Siew on a Fancy Plate

I dunno how to translate this one...
In cantonese it is call;
Wang Choy Zao Sao

Volcano Tofu

Happy Birthday Everyone!!

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