Saturday, February 16, 2008

大年初十 (Tenth Day of Chinese New Year)

We started the morning with delicious Dim Sum...
then over to Sam Kam Por's Place....
I get to meet Amanda 
who has just came back from melbourne for a short holiday....
She is really sweet...
I think she takes after her pretty Mummy.....
*wink wink*

Hanging out at Sam Kam Por's Place
Seated L to R: Sam Gu Gong, Sam Kam Por, Mama
Standing L to R: Daddy, Hiroshi, Mummy, Sophia, 
Auntie Elaine, Amanda, Uncle Boon

Dinner at Delight Restruant
Seated L to R: mama, Sam Kam Por, Sam Gu Gong, Yee Gu Ma
Standing: Uncle chune, Auntie Meng, Auntie Sharon, Hiroshi, Uncle Hong, 
Auntie Elaine, Amanda, Uncle Boon, 
Mummy, Sophia (sleeping in the sling), Daddy

Happy mei mei and me @ Yee Ku Ma's Place

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daphne said...

look at their cheekbones!! awwww..