Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hanging out and having fun....

Back Posting: 27 September 2008

This is the first time we tried to dump Hiroshi at Smaland;
The indoor playground at Ikea Tampines.
At first he was all smiles for it.....
He dashed in the instant they open the gate for him....
Just when I thought I could SHOP IN PEACE for once,
the phone RANG.....
the staffs called to tell us that 
Hiroshi is crying and looking for mummy.......
So he ended up shopping with us again.

Nephew Thomas, Auntie Sophia
Yup, you read right!
THEY are TWO generation....
although size wise it tells another story!
People kept thinking that they're TWINS.
And for god sake they are 5 months APART!
Sophia being 5 months older......
Duhz, Duhz, Duhz!!

Sophia with Big Wide Smile
(Crystal Jade, Suntec City)

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