Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shopping at Ang Mo Kio Hub

The weather was beautiful after a huge downpour....
we were all bored stiff at home.....

So daddy suggested taking a bus ride to Ang Mo Kio.

The one hour bus ride
started with the kids all excited about it,
right till they were screaming and crying in boredom....

So, you got it!
Long bus ride and kiddies DON'T MATCH!

They were escalated when we got off the bus....
Both of them looks like they've got ants in their pants....
They ran the instant their feet touches solid ground!!

Dinner at the food court was GREAT!
I was the glutton that looked like I haven't ate in ages!
I went around ordering everything in my sight....

We ended up carrying our heavy bellies outta the food court.

There were also many fancy kiddy rides.....

I took this picture specially for Auntie Angelina,
She has a Paddington Bear she fondly calls "Butter",
and the bear goes where ever she goes!
Such a lucky bear!!

Hiroshi with Paddington Bear
that nearly ruin the night out!

There was a popular book fair going on,
and I found a book on Combat Aircraft.
I showed it to Hiroshi,
there after, he refused to take his hands off it....
EVEN when he needs to PEE!!

I had to tell him that I need to pay for the book,
while daddy brings him to the little boy's room!!

We didn't buy the book at the end of the day after much consideration.
We didn't want him to be too engross on 1 book,
and reject all the other books he has at home.......

The poor boy is disappointed!
I could see it in his eyes!
He was whinning,
"airplane, airplane, airplane...."
when we left the fair!

*On a side note*
He was never like that!
I could bring him into toy'r'us
and leave without buying anything....
and he is fine with it!!

Nothing works,
not even putting money into the Thomas the train kiddy ride!!
(We NEVER EVER put money into kiddy rides for them!!)

Even allowing him to choose his own bread at BreadTalk
didn't cheer him up!

He just sulk and pout....
and sat in his pram looking sad.....

I had to do something about it.
He was obviously disappointed
because I PROMISE to pay for the book
and I didn't....


We ran back to the fair
before they had to close for the day
and got him the book!

You should have seen the look on his face!!
He was all smiles again!
He sat on the pram contended,
reading his new book.....

Hiroshi GILA about airplanes!!


Megan and Ryan said...

Future pilot in making ;)

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

megan and ryan: hahhahahaha.... whatever will be will be..... I cannot read your blog lah... add me leh!

Winnie Ho said...

The avition blood runs in your family...can't blame him ga ma...haahaha....

Winnie Ho said...
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