Friday, February 27, 2009

家有喜事 - Wil & Lu's Wedding

I've always love to attend weddings.
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Especially chinese traditional weddings!!

My first time lim teh from newly weds
*virgin attempt*
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Sophia delighted to get her angbao 
from uncle wilson and auntie lucretia
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Remember in my last post I said that 
I was still short of my kasut manek 
to complete my whole nonya look!?!?!
Little did I know that 
there is a kasut manek craftsman in my family!!!!
Auntie Judy!
Look at this amazing shoes she beaded!!
She T-loan me this pair of shoe,
and I am so in love with it!!
I want to learn how to make it!!
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That's Auntie Judy with the bride
One in sarong kebaya the other in kua
So traditional hor!
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The bride glowing in joy!
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Wedding dinner was held in Furama Riverfront Singapore
Nice company, Nice Food....

Bride's speech was very touching,
I teared upon hearing it....
I could relate to her speech....
On how stubborn we are, 
but still the parents are loving....
Auntie Iris & Uncle Ricky used to take care of me 
when I was younger.
I would say I am the hardest to care for....
I was too playful & too stubborn,
But still their love & care still prevails!
The are like my parents to me.

Auntie Iris, myself & Uncle Ricky
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That's of course me and my real birth mother!
See the striking resemblance?!?
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Uncle ricky joked that Auntie Iris gain 5 daughter 
through these years!!!
That me that they cared for 5 years,
Lucretia, Sharon & Joann
(their real daughters)
& ting ting, 
the baby Auntie Iris took care of...
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And the kids were all having a jolly good time!!
Brendon, Sophia, Jayden & Hiroshi
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