Wednesday, June 09, 2010

妈妈八十一大寿 (Mama's Grand 81th Birthday Celebrations!)


I am convinced that our family cannot travel
on a PLANNED vacation....
Perhaps we live on adrenaline rush
from last minute changes....
or maybe it's the stress
that keeps our heart pumping more effectively than ever!
But, a matter of fact,
that's just how the Yoon family would get things done.
We are always spontaneous
about fine tuning on how we do things to make it better!
*wipes perspiration off forehead*
But, Thank God,
We made it afterall!!

To all affected parties:
I sincerely apologize for all the miscommunication,
I cross my heart,
all decisions were made with good intentions....

We took a night bus from ParkRoyal Hotel @ Kitchener Road,
Lapan Lapan Express.
A comfortable experience for the whole family.
To illustrate how good the journey was;
We slept ALL THE WAY to Ipoh!
*2 thumbs up!*

We arrived Ipoh at about 6ish.
With time to kill,
we WALKED to New FohSan for Breakfast.
*Google Map from Point A to B*
Optimus Prime & Bumble Bee
checking out DimSum @ New FohSan
Quite frankly, I think the standard of food
has dropped drastically!
The only food that was worth raving about
was the cheong fen...
The rest were just So-lala!
Restoran Foh San Ipoh:
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: (605) 254-0308

After Breakfast,
with more time to kill,
we WALKED to our Hotel!
*Google Map from point B to C!*

In total we walked about 2.8miles,
now I don't feel that guilty
for indulging on that extra siew mai or char siew bao!!!

Breakfast @ Heritage Hotel
It's a hotel with such amazing view!
We could see horses and race tracks from our rooms!
The kids were delighted!

You are finally 3 today!
And you still want to be a princess when you grow up....
You'll always be my lil princess!

We sent off the kids for art classes at Faerie's Art Studio,
I must say that this young women is very talented!
She kept 6 kids age raging from 3-13 fairly busy for 3 hours...
while the adults had a ball of good time themselves!
The ladies were off for a pampering session of facial,
while the men relaxes in a massage session....

*Below Images are all from Faerie*
Call Faerie @ 012 - 481 6423

Sophia's Teddy Bear Paper Clay Creation...

Hiroshi's Jumbo Plane Paper Clay Creation...

Ain't that just adorable!!!!

Proud Hiroshi with his crafts...
No idea what's with the *PEACE* sign,
but, he's doing that regularly in every picture I take of him!

The GRAND Conspiracy!
Everyone from the youngest and the oldest
were in cahoots....
to give mama a memorable grand 81st birthday!

I really wasn't expecting much from the bakery when we ordered the cake.
Since most of the cakes we saw in their fridge reminds me
of my own birthday cake dated as far back as 1980s!
But, I was so darn WRONG!!!
Look at how superb the cake is!!!
It taste even better than it looks!
Mental note to myself:
Never judge a bakery from the cakes displayed in their fridge!

Auspicious Phoenix & Dragon

It was a feast filled with merry making and joy!

The Whole Jing Gang

Mama gave out lottery tickets after the birthday lunch.
That's Kitson & Myself hoping to get the winning ticket...

Big thank you
-to everyone who came and made this event a huge success....
-to my Sister-in-laws for making the effort to organize....
-to the kids who kept their lips sealed tight till the very last minute....
-and to mama who just went with the flow and be SURPRISE!

Happy Birthday MaMa!!!

The party did not just end there and then....
It was adjourned to sister-in-law Linda's place for more party fun...

I've really got no idea where these durians came from...
But, I swear these durains were about the size of my head!
The flesh as thick as my fist, and with seed tiny as can be!
And they tasted OH-SO-HEAVENLY!!!

How can you ever resist this!!

I think everyone had a jolly good time!
We seriously should do this more often!!!

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