Monday, June 21, 2010

PIXAR EXHIBITION: Singapore Science Center

The train ride took us about 1 1/2 hours,
Sophia's whining coupled with
Hiroshi's constant "are we there yet?"
did not make this trip any easier than it is suppose to be!

But, thank God we still made it...
and spent 7 solid hours at the Science Center!!

The main purpose of this excursion was for the Pixar Exhibition.
I was truly impressed and learnt so much more about animation
then what I would have known in my entire lifetime!

The kids were excited when they saw familiar movies they've seen,
like, UP, Toy Story, Finding Memo, Monster Inc. and so much more!

And since photography is not allowed in the exhibition,
this is the only picture we had....

I somehow had a feeling that we were being extorted!
$10 bucks (already "discounted")
for a firstly OVERLY exposed,
then OVERLY contrasted photograph!
I'm not looking for a world class photographer
in a world class attraction.
But, at least one that can take decent pictures!!!
In my honest opinion,
I think I take better pictures!
*big fat grin*

We brought the Pixar Exhibition & 3D movie package,
and Toy Story 2 was screening.....
Kids totally love it!
Swanky Kids in 3D Glasses!

This would be another thing
that would keep both kids very very happy.
Water Play;
My grand plan to tire them out
so that I can ride the train in peace on the way home!

When Hiroshi saw this amazing volcano at the entrance,
he wanted to watch the imax movie.....

But unfortunately he couldn't keep his sleepy lids
from covering his eyes!

So mummy gets to ride home in peace!

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