Monday, June 21, 2010

Mask or Unmask?!?!?

Even my 3 year old understands the fact that
she has to put on a mask when she is not feeling well......
She knows that by wearing a mask
she could help prevent germs form spreading.....

Unfortunately, the trend of wearing face mask when one is sick
is not catching up in Singapore like it should be in Japan....

I realize that most people in Singapore shun sick people with mask
more than sick people without mask....

So now, what's the logic?

I had the chance to speak to a doctor at KKH,
when I ask him if he would encourage his patients to wear a mask.

He say nope,
only the cancer patients wear them coz they got lower immune system.

We are actually such self centered nation!
A mask is used to "protect" one's OWN interest,
rather than OTHERS?!?!??!?

How to encourage children to put on face mask when they are not feeling well:
1) Wear it Yourself
-I swear this is the most effective way....
Kids are very very curious.
Explain to them why a face mask is important when they are not feeling well.
2) Shop for face mask together
-Diaso sells kiddy size face mask.
If the elastic ear loop parts are too big for the kids,
tie knots on them....
3) Encourage other sick kids to wear a mask
so that your kids would not stick out like a sore thumb!

I've decided to be socially responsible
and mask my kids when they are not feeling well,
You can do that too!

*in my honest opinion, that is freaking rude*
at my kids if they've got their mask on!
We're only doing what's right!

And stop avoiding us like plague!
It's those Sick and hanging out Without a mask you should be wary of!

Happy Masking...

and Get Well Soon!

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Daphne said...

I think you're being responsible doing that. Keep on and don't care what others think!