Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hang out at Jacob Ballas

Back posting: 20 June 2008

The strange looking
"children hanging off the tree" tree
greets me at the entrance.....

*trying hard to slang like the French man do*
Building château de sable with Clarisse

Hi gor gor....
Mummy said I am a brave girl!
This is my 1st time playing with sand
and I am not crying and screaming and asking for wet wipes
like you did at Palawan Beach!!

Oh man!! Mei Mei Shoo Shoo...
Dun embarrass me in front of a pretty girl.....

Oh mummy PLEASE....
Pretty PLEASE... Can I stay with gor gor?!?

Yeah!! Mummy said I am sticking with you no matter what!

Clarisse enjoying the sight of waterfall...
The reason I was nowhere to be found is because...
I was too CHICKEN to even walk near it!!

The water play part which we all enjoy,
Unfortunately, Mummy and Auntie LayPing
had to stand under the hot sun....
rubbing on a pole
*sounded so OBSCENE*
to make the water sprinklers work!!

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