Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiroshi's Bento Box

Stir fired sweet peas, carrots & lotus seed
Deep fried cheesy potato tuna balls in cute food picks
Stary rice ball
Mayo in green birdie container
DSC04526.jpg picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

Thomas the train lunch box
(one of Hiroshi's many favourite characters)
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Lunch box wrap from Diaso
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Have you ever wanted to start on the bento making journey 
but didn't know where or how to?!?!

Let's start by getting the SIZE of the lunch box right....

As usual, the Japanese people are great in rigid stuffs....
especially when it comes to measurements....

In Japan, bento box size is described not by it's dimensions.
it' described in volume or capacity . 


Because a rule of thumb in Japan is that 
when you pack a bento box normally 
(A: 3 parts grain dishes, 1 part protein dishes, 
2 parts vegetable dishes;
 B: without candy, junk food or fatty food; 
and C: without empty space), 
calories correspond directly to capacity. 
So a 400ml box should hold 400-calorie meal.

Step 1:
Determine age & height

erabikata-5.gif picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

erabikata-3-1-1.gif picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

1st column: Age
2nd column: Height
3rd column: Calories/Meal
4th column: Size of lunch box needed in ml

Step 2:
Final adjustment according to the level of physical activity & height

Physical activity:
Level 1: Low (spend most of your time sitting or quiet)
Level 2: Moderate
Level 3: High (lots of exercise, sports, etc.)

Adjust the size of the bento box for your height and physical activity:

Add 100ml to your bento box size for:
Taller than average height
High physical activity (Level 3)

Subtract 100ml from your bento box size for:
Shorter than average height
Low physical activity (Level 1)

Now that you know what size of a bento box you need....
Isn't it time to get your butt off that seat,
eyes off that screen...
and start shopping for a super KAWAII bento box?!?

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