Monday, November 10, 2008

Let's Party!!

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Motherhood has been the most miraculous transition of my life,
never a moment I regret the decision to have children,
to stay at home to watch them grow and learn....

I delivered Hiroshi at the tender age of 25,
the age where most of my mates are still partying 
their heads off at mambo jambo!!!
There I was juggling with breast feeding, 
a crying baby, and stinky diapers....
That was a big job for someone that age.....
It's no wonder some people had doubts 
that I can ever be a good mother!
(and just for the records, Kitson has been the greatest dad.....
he took 1 month leave 
to share the joy of our new born, took care of him,
and even took on the role of confinement "nanny"!!)

It has been nearing 3 long years,
since I carried a helpless Hiroshi in my arms....
I wouldn't say that I am the BEST MOM in the whole wide world....
BUT, I'll do my best....
Everyday is a challenge and a learning experience......

SO, "Let's Party!"
doesn't mean lets head down to ZOUK anymore!!
It simply means we are heading down McDonald's 
with a dozen of other kids,
playing kiddy games and eating happy meal!!

And I think I enjoy the later better.


Sophia was so excited that she missed her nap!!
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It is so hard to take pictures of a bunch of kids....
I swear this is the best shot!
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Hiroshi who clearly thought we are celebrating HIS birthday,
he kept insisting on standing IN THE MIDDLE!!
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Just the 3 of us,
*sigh* daddy had to work....  
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Group Picture of Singapore Motherhood Forum 
November 2005 Mummies and Babies
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Both kids in lalaland after the party!
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daphne said...

i am hungry just seeing all those bento boxes! hardworking mum at work!!!