Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oppsy Daisy.... BumPaDiBump on Sophia's forehead~~

Sophia tripped and fell flat on the floor hitting her forehead
at home last night before bed time....

She didn't scream the house down, 
just whimper a little, then picked up herself and ran again....

So I didn't think much about the fall and tuck her to bed.

This morning when I woke up,
I noticed that her eyes look somehow WRIED!
Yes indeed, it is!
There was swelling in the sinus region....
which spreads to the inner corners of her eyes....

Her once beautiful hidden double eye lid 
turned into a puffy lump...

Oh my poor little girl....
DSC04560.jpg picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

During breakfast at MacDonald's, strangers walking by 
couldn't help it but steal a second glance at Sophia.....

Coz the bump was really OBVIOUS 
and it is affecting her appearance!

Some even told me to rub HOT hard boil egg 
wrapped in a cloth in the affected area....

Since it is Sunday, Dr Lilian our usual PD for the kids 
is not open for business...
And, I don't really want to see the doctors at KKH,
they usually makes my blood boil 
due to their incompetent attitude towards treating a patient!
(And the doctors in the emergency units usually looks like 
gong gong freshie that don't know what they are doing!) 
I had to call Dr Lilian on the emergency number.

After a short chat, she convinced me 
that everything was going to be fine.
Since there wasn't any sign of concussion.
What's define as a concussion?!?
-Can't be awakened
-Has one pupil (the black part of the eye) 
that's larger than the other
-Has convulsions or seizures
-Has slurred speech
-Seems to be getting more confused, restless, or agitated

And I was adviced to do 
on the affected area.

So the next time your kids gets a bump,
don't roll the HOT hard boil egg on the affected site!!
It's obviously not going help and it is making it worst!!

Please remember  
not hot!!!!


Lazyg3r said...

ouch! that is a really bad bump. hopefully the swell will go off soon and Sophia will be swee swee again!

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

lazyg3r: thanks jie... i am hoping she recovers soon enough... each time i bring her out plp thinks i abuse her!!

Ron Jun/Megan said...

tat's wat i do...whenever my boy rj had a fall, i'll be running ard to get ice..there's once he had a fall on the road at sentosa, i quickly run to the drink shop to get ice from them. Ice really help and immediately can bring down the swell.