Monday, January 26, 2009

大年初一 2009

Buddhists believe that consuming vegetables 
on the first day of Chinese New Year 
is considered to be purifying, 
and helps the entire family avoid bad luck and disaster.

Hence, Chef Kitson 
cooks up a storm of 罗汉斋
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Final product
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Mother-in-law's罗汉斋 recipe:
Everything is based on "ARGAR ARGAR".....
-White cabbage包菜
-Napa Cabbage 大白菜
-Dried Bean curd sticks 腐竹
-Bamboo fungus 竹荪
-Dried Chinese Mushrooms 冬菇
-Dried Lily buds 金针
-Cloud ear fungus 云耳 
-Glass noodles 粉絲

-Minced Garlic 大蒜
-Sugar 糖
-Salt 盐
-Mashed Fermented red beancurd 南乳 
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(1) Cut white cabbage & Napa Cabbage into bite size
(2) Soak Dried Chinese Mushroom, Cloud ear fungus, 
Dried lily buds, Bamboo fungus in water
~After soaking~
-Cut off stem from Dried Chinese Mushrooms
-Take out the hard part from cloud ear fungus
-Cut off the hard end of the dried lily bud,
Tie dried lily bud into a knot
-Take off the hard part from bamboo fungus
(3) Deep fry Dried Beancurd Sticks & Glass Noodles

(1) Heat up oil in the wok, fry garlic till fragrant 
then add red fermented bean curd, fry till fragrant
(2) Add Dried Chinese Mushrooms
(3) Add Stems of Cabbages, cover and simmer
(4) Add Cloud ear fungus, Dried lily bud, Dried Bamboo fungus
(5) Add leaves of Cabbage, Add a small bowl of water, cover and simmer
(6) Add in Dried Beancurd Sticks and Glass noodles, cover and simmer
(7) Add seasoning, cover and simmer.
(8) Turn off heat

Try it 
and tell me if my argar-la-tion recipe work

~Time to visit the elders 
and earn some extra collage funds for the kids~

1st stop: Uncle Donald's Place

Kitson & Sophia
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Ivy & Myself
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Myself and Cousin Yvonne
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Cousin Yvonne with her son "Mr Bump"
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2nd Stop: Missy Bo Bo's Place

Family Picture
(With Hiroshi snoring in one of the rooms)
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Sophia saying "恭喜发财, 红包拿来!!"
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Sophia in her pretty Cheongsam
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Brandon & Sophia
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Ivy's BUTT!
Very Very HUAT!!
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萬 事 如意,
步步 高 升,
身体 健康,
笑 口 常 開,
萬 字 常 中,

大吉 大利 的 话 都 讲 完 了....
该 是 时候 拿 红包 了 吧!!