Saturday, January 17, 2009

Singapore Expo Mother & Daughter Cheong Sam Competition Finals

Looking Great for Finals
(Sophia is looking sleepy... Nap time lah!)
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Cheeky Sophia & myself 
AFTER the competition!!
*she kept saying BYE BYE to everyone*
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The Cheong Sam I was wearing had great sentimental values
It was the same cheong sam I wore 
for my customary wedding.....
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The only difference is that 
the zipper seems to glide up alot easier 4 years ago!!!

I've put on 13kg over the last few years....
The weight is evenly distributed 
to the front, the back and the TUMMY!

So, I guess in motherhood, 
you gain some you loose some....

I've GAIN a loving husband, and 2 very attractive kids.....
and, I've LOST my "skinny like pole" figure.....

The good news here is 
I gain more than I loose!

But, I am not too bothered about that,
As long I am living, 
I am thankful
 and I count my blessings!

Unfortunately, We did not get to win anything at all...
Nevertheless, it was a great learning experience 
for Sophia & myself.....

We rewarded ourselves 
with Ice Cream at Swensen, Changi Airport
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Zhen said...

wow! you don't look like you put on 13kg if you can still put on that gown. :)

Angelia said... must be really skinny before because u still look really slim. But I think you are more attractive :) Sophia looks like you and ur boy, ur hub eh!

Ron Jun/Megan said...

wow u still can put on the cheong sam means that u r still vy slim...u look very good!!

Winnie Ho said...

u look great lehhh with the cheong sam!!!sophia looked stun!!!but it's good experience for her ler...trained at young age :P

B@bYh|r0Sh| said...

zhen: they were busting at the seams...

Angelia: thanks for the compliments....

Ron jun/megan: they were bursting at the seams... i was pretty worried it will tear one me!

Winnine: thanks!

Sweets said...

Hi sweetie, everyone's looking great! Esp. you!! Don't look like 13 kgs la, cos still so enviously slim :)