Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Advertorial: oursecretlocket

Latest launch: The Chic Girl Next Door
collectionchicgirlcopy.jpg picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

What else can I say..... 
Truly Very Chic!

I totally adore the new collection!
Simple & Neat

If you are looking at getting really pretty this Chinese New Year,
start shopping at oursecretlocket now.

Their great eye for details brings you 
nothing but the best looking clothes and dresses!

Now, the good news!
If you quote "babyhiroshi" when ordering,
You'll be entitled to FREE POSTAGE!!
*so don't forget to quote*

Finally, we will never be too busy with spring cleaning to shop!
New clothes are just a mouse click away!

I am not going to look at a frump during Chinese New Year,
and you shouldn't too!

What are you waiting for, 
start shopping now!

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