Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First Post of 2009.....

I am still ALIVE!
~and so is this blog~

Since this is the first post of the year,
I wanted it be something news worthy....
Something worth starting off the year 2009 in a good note!

So.... anything news worthy means 
we got to wait till something news worthy happens....

And that happens to be today!

Hiroshi tries something new in the playground....

Look at what my SumSeng Sophia is up to now.....

Runs back for more (-o-)"'

Since Chinese New Year is ONLY 20 days away,
I am also busy frantically cleaning up my place....

The fact that 
I do not have a maid to order around,
and with 2 active kids bugging me all the time,
means that I had to do 
the spring cleaning in INSTALLMENT....

I started scrubbing the kitchen a couple of days ago...
and up to date,
you'll be pleased to know that...
I am STILL scrubbing the kitchen!!

When will I ever be done with it!

In the mist of the Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning craze....
I found 2 products extremely useful products 
that I am sharing here....

1) Scotch-Brite Microfiber Kitchen Cloths
(Sorry I trash out the wrapper, 
and I can't find a similar image online)
A pack of 2 (yellow & green cloth) 
for about 5 odd bucks
This thing is GOD SENT!
-Dries quickly, rinses and wrings easily! 
-It doesn't stain like ugly cheapo cotton kitchen cloth I used before.
In fact stains are easily washed off 
with a couple of gentle rub and dish washing liquid.
-Microfiber with sharp pie-shape edges lifts, 
traps and absorbs for easier and faster cleaning.
It cleans my oily stove like magic!
No more crazy scrubbing!

2. Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner
I think this is 4 bucks....
Magiclean Kitchen Cleaner
Just spray this on any surface....
and wipe clean!
For tougher stains leave it on for 5 minutes.....
easy peasy lemon squeesy!

I am a true believer in finding the right tools to do the right job.
This allow us to be more time efficient,
so that we can have more time 
for other much more important things,
like our spouse and kids.....

Happy Cleaning!

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