Thursday, May 18, 2006

6 reasons to be HAPPY today....

(1) It's a Beautiful Day!!
(2) Mummy Loves Me.....
(3) Daddy Loves Me.....
(4) Everybody Loves Me....
(5) Teddy is STILL Smiling at Me
(6) I Am FINALLY 6 Months Old!!
YES!! I am finally 6 months old.....
Alot has been happening recently,
I have been picking up up many new milestones, such as
*Being able toChew and Swallow my Food
*Flip (back to stomach & stomach to back)
*BUTT crawl
*Sit upright with support
Isn't it so cool?!?


Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah Hiroshi, There's still more & more & more to GO! Keep up the good job Yeah? Wow u know how to BUTT crawl ar? Hmmmm.. Can u show it to me next time? I would lik to see it.
Aiyo Pls tell mummy to post more pics leh! I miss u very much loh! :(
Huixin Jie Jie

阿比雅雅 said...

Congratulations Hiroshi didi! 6 months already, happy leh?

Wah.. you always smile big big, such a happy baby! My Mama likes you very much, she said when you grow up sure you will have a lot of girl friends!