Sunday, May 14, 2006

Celebrate Good Times C'mon.....

It's a Celebration!
Friday was Vessak day..... (and also long weekend holiday neh!!)

All Buddhists, no matter the country,
celebrate three main events in the life of Buddha;
his birth, enlightenment and paranirvana.
Many celebrate all three as one event.
Usually on the day of the fourth full moon
after the lunar new year,
or the Sunday closest to that day.....

Mummy found this website that explains on the signficance of Vesak Day,
It's a pretty interesting artical for those who are intereated to find out more about this holiday.

On Friday, We celebrated Vesak Day, Mothers' Day and also Bid Farewell Grandma's Day. (Grandma is going toNew York for a holiday on Saturday...... Grandma, remember to buy BIG APPLE for me hor!!)

We had a good time.....
It was STEAMBOAT buffet at Alice che che's place; along the corridor. (beri heng leh, nobody call police, say we illigal gathering leh.....) We had such a spread, vegetables, mushrooms, fish, prawn, cuttlefish, meatball liver, and not forgetting *sponsership from sam ku ma* ABALONE!!
(Unfortunately, halfway during the steamboat, the steamboat pot broke down. I guess he thought it was holiday for him as well!!) *pout* As usual, I missed out on all these good food, coz I am still bo gek!! (toothless in hokkien) I can only sit one conner in my pram eating my baby biscuit..... Sigh, Ti Gong hurry hurry gimme my teeth leh!!

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