Friday, May 05, 2006

Voting for Dummies (",)

Tomorrow is voting day!
Fickle minded mummy have not made up her mind between voting for SDA or PAP.
Party Slogon
PAP: "Staying Together Moving Ahead"
SDA: "Unity is Strength, Ready in Action"
Sigh.... PM Lee said:" In one word, this election is about your future"
(press conference 04 may '06)
What do you think he means leh??
Vote for PAP got future,
Vote for SDA no future arr?!?
How? How? How?
So what happens if PAP won....
So what happens if SDA won....
Does our votes really matters.....
Might as well play tikam tikam......
Mummy is voting for the very first time.
That makes her a voting virgin!!
I think she seriously need a guide book voting for dummies....
Mummy, May the forces be with you!!

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