Sunday, December 28, 2008

Addicted to the Singapore's Favourite National Hobby!

Have you heard of anyone addicted to Qing?!?!

I think I am!
Goodness Gracious!
I did the unthinkable again....

Q up to 2 hours to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse for 2 minutes...
All for the sake of having a decent FAMILY picture 
with that 2 famous mouse!!
(Kitson wasn't in the picture the last time round 
as he needed to report for work!)
DSC05130.jpg picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

Family Picture with Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Take 2 (-o-)"'
DSC05144.jpg picture by fattyb0mb0mb0m

The kids were still very excited to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse,
even though this was the 2nd time we were doing it....

Must be the Magic in the air!
(*ahem* or might be the kiasu spirit in the air too!!

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Adeline said...

this is so so cute.... but 2hours.... errmmm......