Monday, December 08, 2008

The world has lost a loving mother, a caring vet and a great friend....

I am not sure if you've read/hear about the news of
which happened in KL on 06 December 2008.

One of the victim Dr N. Yogeswary used her body 
to shield her children from debris and died 
after a beam fell on her back, 
fracturing her ribs 
and causing massive internal bleeding.

She is such a brave mother.

But, our pain is amplified, 
because this brave lady is Kitson's childhood friend.
They lost touch ever since Kitson came to work in Singapore.

Kitson used to tell me that he has a friend 
who has a chinese heritage 
but was adopted by a indian family, 
and how it was funny to hearing a chinese fair skin lady 
rattling off in tamil!
She is also friendly and bubbly.
It's such pity that I'll never get to meet her in person.

May her soul dwell in peace.

Our Condolence to her family.

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